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The Australian Cheer Union was established in 2019. We are the only Australian Federation recognised by the International Cheer Union.

We were formed as a Not-for-Profit organisation and our mission and purpose are to advance the sport of Cheerleading and Performance Cheerleading by focusing on healthy competition and participation as well as overall growth for the industry in Australia. 

The ACU believes that a good strong governance structure is important in ensuring the integrity of our industry and allows us the best platform to advance the sport of Cheerleading. 

Meet Our Board



Appointed Director 

Kelsie has been passionate about dance and cheer for as long as she can remember.  Being in the industry for over two decades, coming from all paths.  From an athlete/dancer to coach, onto gym/studio owner, choreographer and Certified International Dance and Cheer Judge with ICU.  She has many accolades to her name and is ever driving herself to learn more, teach more and help our industry grow for both all star and grass roots programs.  Kelsie is appreciative to work with ACU giving our community the support to reach new heights.




Elected Board Member

Krystle has been involved with Allstar Cheerleading since 2008 across all facets; Athlete, Coach and Judge (ICU Accredited Safety Judge) and is very passionate about the growth and development of cheerleading in Australia. 



Elected Director 

Ryan brings a great amount of life and business experience to the Australian Cheer Union Board as well as immense passion for sport and the progression of athletes in sport. Having grown up in a professional environment being a former professional soccer player in Australia, Uk and Europe to running a successful studio within the field of Dance makes me uniquely experienced and passionate about this role.

Ryan is ambitious and goal driven who is a team player working for the greater good of all those involved.



Appointed Board Member

Rachel (Shelly) Baker has significant governance and management expertise as a consequence of her work experience. Shelly has also been a Board member of a non-profit Board for over 10 years and has been involved in the cheer industry for over 10 years.  Shelley’s daughter was a member of Team Australia at the ICU world championships so is familiar with the sector structure and operational practices as well as the international and Australian developmental agenda.


Elected Board Member


Edward Miles

Board Member


Jordan Wilson-Otto

Board Member


Meet Our Staff


Chief Executive Officer


Human Resource Officer


Advertising and Marketing Officer


Administrative Officer

International Cheer Union

Distinct Productions


Flyhi Sports



Amazing Cheer Bows

JC Custom 






OUR MISSION: to lead, promote, grow and champion Cheerleading in Australia

OUR VISION: to advance the sport of Cheerleading through focusing on healthy and inclusive competition, supporting the growth and development of our participants and exercising best practice governance and administration.


In 2008 Gymnastics Australia (GA) established Australian Cheerleading Union (ACU) as a wholly owned subsidiary of that National Sporting Organisation under the brand ‘AUS Cheer’. However, as a consequence of “Cheerleading [becoming] one of Australia’s fastest growing sports, which in turn has developed new requirements and attention to keep up with the growing demand”* GA divested itself of its leadership and management role as a result of its inability to meet this demand.

Following the separation of the cheerleading discipline from Gymnastics Australia’s National Sporting Organisation administrative umbrella in 2018, in May 2019 the International Cheer Union established the Australian Cheer Union (ACU) through creation of an Interim Board and appointment of Interim State Members to drive establishment of a National Federation.

Subsequent to that arrangement, the Interim Board and State Members initiated a range of corporate and policy development processes as well as working groups to lead development of a governance framework within and across the Australian Cheerleading community. Key outputs of this process as at 25 March 2020 include:

  • acquisition of ASIC registration (Australian Cheer Union Ltd) and an ATO tax file number;

  • ratification of a national constitution;

  • conduct of an Annual General Meeting on 19 December 2019 and formal election of four (4) Directors to replace the Interim Board;

  • establishment of an organisational bank account and attendant operating protocols for authorised officers;

  • ratification of a national 2020-2023 Strategic Plan and subordinate 2020 Operational Plan;

  • ratification of Membership Protection, Anti-doping, Financial Management and Reporting, Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest policies;

  • establishment of working group(s) to advance development of organisational governance, membership structure, communication and marketing, a calendar of sanctioned events, Team Australia selection processes and

    special abilities programs; and,

  • products and processes to support the establishment of Interim State Boards.

    It is the ACU Board’s desire that the 2020-2023 Strategic Plan provides a clear description of our developmental agenda and enabling strategies to help grow and shape the future of our sport into the future and across all Cheerleading disciplines.

    * Gymnastics Australia, ACU Handover Notes, 2018, p3


Archieve recognition as a National Sporting Organisation

  • Develop and activate State Boards and all required operational policies

  • Confirm and market membership benefits and activate membership recruitment

  • Recruit a Chief Executive Officer to lead and manage day to day ACU administrative operations

  • Establish partnerships with commercial entities to secure sponsorship to supplement membership revenue, support financial sustainability and growth of an active, safe and inclusive Cheerleading community


Inclusion: We celebrate difference by supporting inclusive participation

Integrity: We strive to be ethical, trustworthy, transparent and respectful

Excellence: We seek to inspire a culture of excellence in everything that we do

Collaboration: We encourage harmonious participation through consultation and teamwork

Pride: We celebrate our accomplishments with respect, dignity and professionalism


Build awareness of Cheerleading with the general population

  • Liaise and coordinate with Sport

    Australia and the Australian Olympic Committee to achieve recognition as a National Sporting Organisation.

  • Facilitate the development of a calendar of regional and state events culminating in qualification for a National Championship Event.

  • Develop a strong brand and media profile by establishing media and social platform partnerships to increase awareness of our sport in the general population.

  • Establish key financial sponsors to help fund our enabling strategies and supplement our membership revenue stream.

  • Develop and roll out grassroots programs to build awareness of our sport and grow participation.

Create the infrastructure and support system to grow membership

  • Create a mechanism to collect and

    manage demographic membership

    information nationwide

  • Develop and implement a national

    certification program for coaches

  • Develop and implement a national

    education program for judges

  • Create resources such as guides and

    networking opportunities to assist the development and expansion of cheerleading programs within Australia

  • Create a scholarship program for high performance national athletes

  • Create an ACU website to promote and market cheerleading and provide access to information and resources for our sport.

  • Create links with Local and State Governments to create pathways for funding; supporting teams at local, nationalandinternationallevels; and advocacy on issues that affect the operation and development of our sport.

Define and support all disciplines of cheerleading

  • Align cheerleading rules and scoring with

    regional, state, national and international


  • Define cheerleading disciplines for

    internal and external use

  • Create a consistent Australian Cheer

    Union brand for all cheerleading

    disciplines within Australia.

  • Create a marketing strategy for

    promoting cheerleading in Australia

  • Create a marketing strategy to promote

    Australian cheerleading to the international community and encourage international participation in Australian cheerleading events.

Ensure participation in all international and high performance athletic events

  • Establish and publish fair and transparent

    processes for the selection of Team Australia representatives who participate at major events (in all categories).

  • Work with State Members and Event Providers to establish a high performance program for identification and development of athletes and coaches from all disciplines of cheerleading.

  • Establish a long term athlete, coach and judge developmental model to support recognition of cheerleading as a sport for life.

  • Propose and support bids for International cheerleading competitions in Australia.


The Australian Cheer Union endorsed their new constitution on the 6th October 2022


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