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AASCF Winterfest: 14th - 16th June
DCE States: 20th - 21st July
AASCF Battle: 2nd - 4th August
CheerBrandz Eutopia: 17th - 18th August
Aussie Gold Internationals: 24th - 25th August
AASCF States: 6th - 8th September
DCE APGI: 12th - 13th October
AASCF Spring Carnival: 18th - 20th October
CheerBrandz Majors: 18th - 20th October
Aussie Gold States: 26th - 27th October
CheerBrandz Super Nationals: 9th - 10th November
CheerCon States - 15th - 17th November

New South Wales

AASCF Winterfest: 21st - 23rd June
CheerBrandz Eutopia: 29th - 30th June
CheerCon Icebreaker: 5th - 7th July
DCE - NSW States: 27th - 28th July
CheerCon State & Worlds Experience: 9th - 11th August
AASCF Battle: 16th - 18th August
Aussie Gold States: 31st August- 1st September
AASCF States: 13th - 15th September
AASCF Spring Carnival: 11th - 13th October
DCE Nationals: 19th - 20th October
CheerCon Champions League (Newcastle) 25th - 27th October
CheerBrandz Super Nationals: 8th - 10th November
CheerCon Best of the Best Nationals: 29th November - 1st December


CheerCon Icebreaker: 14th - 16th June
AASCF Winterfest: 28th - 30th June
AASCF Battle: 9th - 11th August
CheerCon State: 23rd - 25th August
All Things Cheer The Showdown: 7th - 8th September
AASCF States: 20th - 22nd September
AASCF Spring Carnival: 25th - 27th October
CheerBrandz Super Nationals: 27th October
Aussie Gold State: 9th - 10th November

South Australia

CheerCon Icebreaker: 28th - 30th June
AASCF Winterfest: 5th - 7th August
All Things Cheer The Showdown: 9th - 11th August
Aussie Gold States: 17th - 18th August
CheerCon States: 6th - 8th September
AASCF States: 27th - 29th September
Aussie Gold Nationals: 2nd - 3rd November

Western Australia

Aussie Gold States: 3rd - 4th August
AASCF States: 30th August- 1st September
All Things Cheer WA Starz: 13th - 15th September
CheerCon Champions League: 18th - 20th October
All Things Cheer WA Showdown: 29th November - 1st December


CheerCon States: 31st August - 1st September

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